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Sparks, NV Housing Market Update 09/02/2023: Latest Trends & Insights
The September 2, 2023, Sparks, Nevada housing market update reveals a unique trend. Unlike previous years where seasonality played a significant role in real estate, the current market doesn't show typical seasonal fluctuations. Despite the ongoing housing shortage and population growth, the market remains stable.
Carson City, NV Housing Market Update 09/02/2023: Latest Trends & Insights
The Carson City, Nevada housing market, as of September 2, 2023, presents a picture of stability and predictability. The median sales price in Carson City currently stands at $554,950. What's notable is the flatlined nature of this figure throughout the year. There have been a few peaks, but they were swiftly adjusted. This stable pricing environment is drawing the attention of potential buyers from neighboring areas where prices are on the rise.
Reno, NV Housing Market Update 09/02/2023: Latest Trends & Insights
In the September 2, 2023, Reno, Nevada housing market update, several key trends and insights have come to light. The median sales price in Reno has surged to $685,000, marking a remarkable 19% increase compared to the previous year. This jump is surprising and may be attributed to a higher number of luxury homes entering the market, as they offer more flexibility in terms of location. Inventory: The inventory of available homes in Reno has been on the rise for two consecutive weeks, reaching its highest p
Understanding Down Payment and Closing Costs: A Guide to Homeownership and Loan Programs
A down payment is the amount of money a homebuyer contributes towards their home purchase, while closing costs are additional expenses that are required by the lender and the purchase process.
Insider's Guide to the Home Buying Process: Part 1
In this insightful video, Paul Dunham provides an insider's guide to the home buying process, highlighting the key steps involved and offering tips and insights to help buyers navigate the process more effectively. The first step in the home buying process is typically browsing for homes online. Buyers can use apps and mobile search tools to get an idea of what's available in their desired area and price range. However, it's important to remember that it's too early to start viewing homes in person at this
Understanding the Home Buying Process: Part 2 - What Happens in Escrow
The escrow process is a complex series of events that takes place from the time an offer is accepted to the time a buyer receives the keys to their new home. The process starts with the earnest money, which is a deposit made by the buyer to show the seller they are serious about purchasing the property. The amount varies depending on the market and the contract, but a typical earnest money deposit is around 1% of the purchase price.
Buying and Selling a House at the Same Time: Tips and Insights for a Seamless Transition
In this video, Paul Dunham talks about the process of buying and selling a house at the same time. It can be complicated, but is a common situation that many people face. In this scenario, individuals need to have a special understanding of how to manage the process effectively. There are several ways to approach buying and selling homes simultaneously, including selling first, buying first, and ending both transactions at the same time. When purchasing a new home, there are three major milestones to consi